January 2021
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Accutane Treatment for Acne Control
l'administration d'Acctutane pour le traitement de l'acné
علاج اكيوتان لمكافحة حب الشباب

Accutane Treatment for Acne Control

Interview with Dr.

Accutane is considered the most advanced and powerful form of treatment for acne to date. It is highly effective in controlling and healing severe acne especially the ones that leave scars and ugly spots on the face.

Accutane is a derivative of Vitamin A and comes in the form of a pill. Accutane treatment lasts for a period of four to five months. Along with its treatment benefits, side effects of Accutane treatment can also be identified.

Accutane is a strong acne medication that works from inside out by shrinking the skin's oil glands. The results can turn out dramatically for people with severe cases of acne. Within a few weeks of Accutane treatment, breakouts can stop. More often, this positive result can turn out to be long term and even permanent.

These positive effects of Accutane treatment are considered breakthrough in the management of hard to treat and stubborn acne, especially the ones that are recurrent and hard to control. Doctors usually prescribe Accutane to patients with moderate to severe cases of acne to effectively manage the inflammation and reduce spread of infection.

Accutane has known side effects which usually make patients think twice before trying it out. Because it is a powerful drug, its side effects can also be severe and numerous. Most common complaint of patients under Accutane treatment is joint pain. Some activities may be limited to some patients because their joints and bone conditions cannot return to their pre-Accutane state. Chronic joint inflammation can also be observed in some patients limiting a lot of physical activities such as sports.

The effects of Accutane treatment are not limited to the joints. Some patients complain of feeling dried out during the course of the treatment. Chapped and dry lips which may persist long after Accutane treatment had stopped is also a side effect. Some may even continue to apply lip balms to moisturize their lips years after having Accutane treatment. Other patients also complain about having dry eyes accompanied by strange grainy sensation.

These are the positive and negative effects of Accutane treatment. Whether to try it or not depends on you. It is always best to consult a dermatologist or doctor if you are considering Accutane treatment for moderate to severe acne problems.

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