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French Hospital of the Levant


Healthcare professionals are very keen on the patient's best interests

The Quality Bureau of the clinic has been in place since January 2009.
The office put in place the structure basis for the keen implementation of the quality system at all levels and in all clinical departments.It works in close coordination  with the Senior Management and all the hospital departments without exception. The quality team is as well an active member in most committees of the institution.

The CDL quality management system was initially based on the Lebanese Ministry standards of health and then the V2010 manual French accreditation. 

The clinic was accredited by the National Committee of the Lebanese accreditation in August 2011 and by the French accreditation in May 2012 without reservations and without recommendations.

The clinic has established and documented a quality management system to implement and maintain working methods aimed at maintaining the level of quality and also the services for a continuous amelioration to meet  the patients' expectations, their families' and the doctors'. 

The Quality concept  is integrated in our daily work and our strategic goals, values ​​and clinical missions. The Levant clinic  sets up a support system of cancer patients according to the norms and protocols of our French partners including  the Cancer institute and the Hospital of Montpellier.

The Quality , Care & Safety  office works with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm to prepare for the upcoming  Lebanese and French accreditations during 2016 . 

 To be succeed in the  next stages of accreditation, all the Levant ressources are mobilized to: 

 • Maintain the high level of safety and quality of care in all the services of the Clinic .

 • Answer the required priority practices of the French accreditation manual featuring The Pain Management , The care provided in the Emergency and the Operating Room , The Infection Control, The drug system , among others.

 • Involve the patient and his family.

 • Develop a culture of greater respect for patients' rights in accordance with the Lebanese and French regulations .

 • Palliative care

"We listen to our patients"

The Major Axes

Patients' Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a key objective since it is one of the major tools of the Continuous Improvement policy of the Levant Clinic;it adds value to contribute to the company's performance.

Patient satisfaction is a reflection of the Quality processes, the Service performance measures and therefore the Quality System. It is measured and evaluated in different ways to accurately determine the needs and requirements of the patients.

A daily visit of all hospitalized patients of the clinic is made and satisfaction questionnaires (feed back and feed forward) are filled by the patients, then collected and analyzed by the quality office for the complaints processing and non-conformities.

It is then followed by proposals for improvement with respect to professionalism and loyalty of clinic patients. The results are stored and subject to management review while respecting the confidentiality and integrity of the information transmitted.

Fighting pain (organizing and fighting)

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Fighting nosocomial infections

The hygiene unit that fights against nosocomial infection works in conjunction with doctors, senior nurses and all health care clinic , in cooperation with the committee against nosocomial infections.

Its mission is to protect patients and staff from the risk of infection. It also ensures the control of air, water, and materials, and make behavioral recommendations to the caregivers, patients and families.

To maximize efficiency, a public health nurse conducts training and evaluation of best practices among caregivers.

Internal Audits

In order to maintain a good quality system management , an audit committee has been established since 2009, and is still currently active and functional, planning and conducting  regular internal audits in order to meet the requirements of national and international standards .

A follow-up action plan is put in place to eliminate non- conformities and their causes; It is managed by the commission to allow continuous improvement of the system.

Audit results are recorded, stored and communicated to those concerned.

Quality and Risk Management

Medico-Technical teams, nursing, technical, maintenance, hospital, logistics and administrative contribute to the quality of the patient's stay.

The clinic was accredited by a delegate of the Lebanese Ministry of Health, without  recommendations and with many strengths.

The clinic is certified by France accreditation based on French standards.

Committees are functional at the hospital for vigilance, safety, prevention, continuous staff training and the fight against nosocomial infections.


Fire safety

A team of qualified staff ensures the safety 24h / 24.

The technical means to fight against the fire are up to date and fully operational.

Security and evacuation plans instructions are displayed in the corridors reminding about:

  • ‍Prevention measures.
  • The behavior in case of fire.
  • The evacuation rules and paths to follow.
  • The location of the means to struggle against fire

Patients Documents 

• A welcome booklet featuring all Patients rights and obligations , is given to each patient upon admission to his room. 

 • The patient satisfaction questionnaires and surveys of positive treatment or abuse are available in the room for each patient. 

 • Complaints sheets are within the reach of everyone present at the Clinic (patients, employees, physicians , visitors ... ) .

 • A charter of patients' rights according to the law 574, is displayed in every room. 

 • An access request form on file is available to any patient who requests it .

Nursing Department

The nursing department includes all nursing and medical staff of the institution. It is a professional and independent entity.

Nursing care is provided by qualified and specialized personnel, they are organized around teamwork, availability, quality, respect, ethics and confidentiality.

Its strategic objectives are:

  • ‍Improve the quality and care of the safety of patients and their relatives.
  • To develop the nursing staff a sense of belonging and loyalty.
  • Optimize staff commitment to sustainable development.
  • Develop the management and support of end-of life.
  • Participate in public health programs.
  • Develop the clinical information system and computerized patient records.
  • Developing the attractiveness of the clinic for patients and improve their satisfaction.
  • Strengthen the status of the clinic by educational and research activities.