"Our goal is to transform Lebanon into a hub for health tourism in the region"

Dr. Antoine Maalouf

Our Partners

The partnership agreements aim at increasing the level of exchange between establishments, providing patients with the services of the most qualified specialists and investing in tele-medicine, hence allowing practitioners from both parties to gain hands-on experience.

Partner Hospitals


Hospital Foch

Partners since
Jun 2010


Tel Chiha Hospital

Partners since
Jun 2015


Montpellier Cancer Institute

Partners since
Nov 2015


Montpellier University Hospital Centre

Partners since
Jan 2016

Twinning between Levant Clinic and Foch Hospital

CEO Dr. Antoine Maalouf stresses on Lebanon's role as a member state of the International Organization of la Francophonie (IOF), and on the Clinic's keenness to maintain cultural, civilizational and scientific interaction between France and Lebanon, hence emphasizing the Clinic's pledge to developing its capacities and medical services in collaboration with the pairing partners.

Twinning can only be beneficial to the Lebanese hospital sector as it contributes to promoting the role of the said sector, therefore introducing Lebanon to hospital tourism, imposing him as a service hub, and deterring all Arab tourists from seeking healthcare services elsewhere. This endeavor emphasizes the cooperation between Lebanon and France especially as it inaugurates an ambitious long-term Mediterranean cooperation project that is dear to the heart of both the Lebanese and the French and that establishes the pioneer role Lebanon plays in the Middle East.

"As this twinning goes beyond lip service, it constitutes a tangible proof of openness towards foreign countries."

~ Philippe Ritter,
Chairman Of Foch Hospital
"It is an opportunity of mutual enrichment which shall translate into concrete results and contribute to maintaining historic relationships between France and Lebanon"

~ Philippe Ritter,
Chairman of Foch Hospital

Partner Educational Institutions


The Sagesse University

Partners since
Oct 2010

An 5-year-long agreement between the Levant Clinic and the Sagesse University was signed in 2010 in order to have 11 student interns per year. They are supervised by Mentors and Trainers from the CDL under a new practice called "Capacity Training".


The Lebanese University

Partners since
Sep 2015

Since 2007, the Levant Clinic welcomes nursing student interns following a contract signed between the CDL and the Lebanese University; what in turn promotes a recruitment of excellent quality.


The Montpellier University

Partners since
Oct 2015

In October 2015, the CDL signed a partnership agreement, with Montpellier University, medical faculty, whereas students from the LU can have internship there and on the other side, we can welcome students and professors from Montpellier.


European Institute of Coordination and development - EICD

Partners since



Partners since

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