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French Hospital of the Levant

Patients & Visitors

We are proud at the Levant Clinic to provide you with a wide spectrum of healthcare services ranging from treatment and medical tests to surgery facilities.

While our website provides you with general and practical information, our team of healthcare personnel will be more than happy to assist you with any additional information during our stay.

Every department is keen on providing you with a personalized welcoming, combining quality healthcare services with respect and dignity.

We wish you a short stay at The Levant Clinic hoping that our dedicated personnel will provide you with the premium services you long for.

A friendly team is ready to welcome you and assist you.

A friendly team is ready to welcome you and assist you


Admission In Case Of Emergency

The primary information collected by the emergency service personnel is of paramount importance; however the patient or one of his relatives are required to complete the necessary information at the reception desk within the following 24 hours in order to put the file in order.

Admission Subsequent To a Consultation or an Appointment

In the event that you are admitted following a consultation or an appointment, you are required to report to the reception desk on the same day.

For a smooth admission, make sure you have the following documents:
  1. ‍Your hospitalization convocation
  2. Your ID
  3. Your valid social security card
  4. Your insurance card
  5. Your blood type card
  6. Your recent results of radio-graphic and lab tests

Protecting your Identity

If you wish to remain anonymous during your stay, you may ask the reception desk and the healthcare personnel to keep your identity confidential.

Admission Office

The "reception desk", serviced by value-driven management personnel, welcomes all patients and shows profound commitment to helping the patient complete the necessary administrative paperwork.

Important Note

  • ‍If the patient is a minor, the appointed legal guardian should be present at the time of admission and checkout and should be in possession of the required identification papers.
  • Do not forget to mention the address of your closest relatives as well as the phone number of persons to contact in case of emergency.
  • As for the financial issues relevant to your stay, you shall be required to provide additional documents.
  • It is imperative that you report to the reception desk 48 hours prior to any surgery and submit the necessary documents.
  • Upon your arrival, you shall be provided with an informed consent sheet detailing all steps relevant to your stay and therapy. It is required that this document carries both the physician's signature and yours.

In case of a fire breakout, the personnel are trained to take the necessary measures. Please follow the Clinic's response procedures should the need for an evacuation arise. Every department is equipped with security signs and evacuation plans.

For security and health related concerns, the Levant Clinic is a non smoking hospital. You are therefore kindly asked to abide by the signs. 


The hospitality department’s mission is to offer the patient the best environment and hotel services tailored to make their stay more comfortable and less stressful as possible.

Your Health Deserves More Than A 5-Star Treatment

Our Hospitality Services

ATM machine

An ATM is located on the ground floor of Block B of the Levant Clinic.


The Levant Clinic Cafeteria serves fast meals and provides newspapers, magazines, books, articles and phone cards.

Dietetics Service

The aim of this service is to ensure a balanced diet: equilibrium between the inputs and needs. Our dietitians work closely with the doctors following the patient from admission to discharge.

Ground Hostesses

Our ground hostesses are presentable, sociable, polite, calm and composed. They inform and guide the visitors and the patients. Our ground hostesses master at least one foreign language.

Housekeeping Services

The housekeeping service aims at ensuring and maintaining a level of cleanliness that meets the standards of the Levant clinic. It plays an important role in maintaining hospital hygiene and actively fighting the transmission of germs.


The Levant Clinic's laundry service with its high standard machines operates 6 days a week, 19 hours per day. The team formed of 12 people and a manager is trained to maintain hospital hygiene & fight against the spread of germs in the hospital.


The maintenance service is formed of 26 men and women, 2 coordinators, and 2 voluntary assistants. It operates 24/7. The staff has reached a high level of performance and quality thanks to the monitoring, training, materials, and promotions.


The Levant Clinic has parking space available for patients and visitors.

Safety Deposit Box

You may keep valuable belongings in a central safety deposit box held within the Clinic in return of a deposit voucher.

The hospital cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft or deterioration of personal belongings.


The Levant clinic has a team of guards that monitor all the entries of the building. This team works 24/7 and is in permanent rotation in order to preserve the patients' intimacy.


This service is operational every day of the week with a leading team capable of responding to all requests. This is an information desk open 24/24.


You can receive direct calls or dial "0" to place an operator assisted call from your room.

The use of mobile phones is prohibited within the premises.


All rooms are equipped with televisions.

Please, make sure you keep the volume down to avoid disturbing other patients.


Free internet access available 24 hours in the rooms and most hospital area.

Ask for your Access code


Beauty Care

Upon request, beauty services are provided at the Levant Clinic.

VIP Rooms

In addition to our regular hospitalization rooms, we have private rooms in which many benefits are available to offer you the greatest possible comfort.

Each VIP room is painted in a different color, for a happy and friendly spirit.

VIP Suites

The Levant Clinic also has VIP suites divided into two rooms: one bedroom and a lounge, to respect the privacy of the patient as much as possible.

Staff will be available for all your needs or requests

Levant Medical International

Nowadays, medical tourism plays a major role in international tourism. A large number of patients are travelling from all around the world 10 certain countries seeking medical or surgical care while taking a vacation and exploring the touristic side of the country. The medical tourism became a synonym of healthcare and at the same time relaxation and leisure.

Therefore, the Levant Medical International was conceived to provide the best in healthcare to the patients from all around the world, through the affiliated offices in Kuwait and Paris.

LMI’s Mission

From world-class medical excellence with elegant surroundings of the finest quality to personalized care and services, LMI is committed to satisfy patients' needs by extending and advancing its mission of patient care both regionally and internationally.

LMI will continue to lead the healthcare industry with innovative enhancements, by continually upgrading the standards in medical services, making the hospitalization easier and more rewarding.

LMI’s Vision

Care is patient-centered. It is safe, timely, effective, Equitable, and efficient; and the healthcare system and Workforce at LMI are vital.

LMI’s Success Keys

  • ‍leadership
  • medical staff
  • patient focus
  • performance & process
  • information & information technology

LMI’s Objectives

Our aim is to provide quality' healthcare services within a supportive and compassionate environment.

LMI is devoted to transfer the knowledge and experiences of outstanding quality and patient safety of the best in Europe to the Middle East, along with being a medical planner specialized in healthcare treatment abroad with a personalized service adapted to patients' needs and their families.

Our strategic alliances with renowned European organizations enable us to achieve our objectives:

  • ‍Developing expertise on healthcare industries and medicine
  • Innovating and learning from the best healthcare organizations
  • Sustaining education to professionals
  • Spreading best practices and market them in the MENA region
  • Providing best European healthcare services to MENA patients