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Nursing Department
Département De Soins
قسم التمريض

Nursing Department


The nursing team is aware of the Clinic's vision, mission and objectives. It respects patients' rights and obligations as well as professional secrecy.

The healthcare management unit holds healthcare projects on an annual basis.~ Mrs. Therese Dib

The nursing department involves the team of nurses working at the hospital.

Its policy follows the hospital's broader policy.

Nursing is provided by a young and motivated staff, assisted with the necessary qualified hierarchical surveillance.

Structure of the Nursing Department

The Nursing Department is part of the hospital's organizational chart. It has its own structure, which determines the hierarchical and functional relations among all members.

This department is run by the head of the unit in collaboration with:

  • ‍An assistant (1)
  • Day and night clinic supervisors (4)
  • A hygiene cadre (1)
  • Cadres entrusted with auditing patient file and patients satisfaction (2)
  • A training and research cadre (1)
  • Supervisors (15)
  • Head nurses (13)
  • Midwives (16)
  • Pediatric nurses (9)
  • Male and female nurses (73)
  • Assistant nurses (98)
  • Secretaries (4)
  • Stretcher-bearers (5)
  • Inhalotherapists (5)
  • TOTAL = 247

The healthcare unit department devised a project that falls within the institution expectations and abides by the Clinic's strategic plan. It defines the primary development goals for the coming years in the field of healthcare, management, teaching, research quality and development.


  1. ‍Conveying a clear message in terms of information, knowledge and assistance in the accomplishment of the devised tasks
  2. Being transparent towards other professional groups in the institution
  3. Abiding by the goals set forth by the Clinic's top management
  4. Devising a communication tool by developing a profound thinking on the means that are required to reach the set goals
  5. Communicating with patients and their families


  1. ‍Nurses respond to the needs and expectations of patients, the department is required to provide the necessary resources and tools.
  2. Nurses provide beneficial activities in order to increase the efficiency of their undertaking.
  3. Training is necessary to improve competencies.
  4. Research in healthcare provides greater professionalism and talents.
  5. Improving the quality of healthcare and promoting a perennial commitment to assessing professional practices: improving what is being assessed.


 The head of unit undertakes a mission aligned with the hospital's mission, i.e.:

  1. ‍To ensure public health, community health and patient's therapeutic education.
  2. To provide nursing at an academic level– strategic partnership with Lebanese and foreign universities.
  3. To engage in training namely continuous training with neighboring countries such as Syria within the framework of education and development project.
  4. To provide clinical research with the help of a center that is authorized by the European Community.

Annual training

Following the annual performance review of all members, every department assesses the specific needs for training and the Levant Clinic or the Nursing department hold the relevant training programs.

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Département De Soins


Le corps soignant connaît la mission, la vision, les objectifs de l’établissement, respecte les droits et les devoirs des malades, ainsi que le secret professionnel.

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قسم التمريض


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