January 2021
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Menopause & Perimenopause
La ménopause et la périménopause
سن اليأس وانقطاع الطمث

Menopause & Perimenopause

Interview with Dr.

Menopause & Perimenopause are both part of the same overall life transition, but each has different symptoms and treatments.


Menopause is the permanent ending of menstruation as a result of loss of ovarian follicular function in woman. It is identified retrospectively after twelve months of amenorrhea that is absence of menstruation. The average age at menopause is fifty one year's among United States women.

Natural menopause takes place while the journal cycle of ovulation moves toward to an end. This is because of the refuse of ovarian delivery of follicles and spawns piercingly as woman move towards menopause.

In the end, as the ovaries are rejection longer intelligent to expand an egg for the ovulation process, manufacture of estrogen leaves into a enduring refuse, and progesterone is not longer shaped. The inside layer of the uterus skinny, since it is not life form enthused by elevated estrogen heights every month and journal blood loss stop and Menopause happens. Do not discount the significance of the "postmenopausal ovary", though! It carries on creating hormones still after ovulation trimmings, creating a number of estrogen and too androgens.


The Perimenopause points towards the to the occasion period previous to menopause, when fertility diminishes and indiscretion of menstrual series augments, waiting the primary year after end of menses. The start of perimenopause heads the last menses by two to eight years, with a mean duration of four years. Smoking accelerates the menopausal transition by two years. Though the peri- and postmenopausal periods share many symptoms, the physiology and clinical management of the two periods differ. Low-dose oral contraceptives have become a therapeutic basis in perimenopause, whereas postmenopausal hormone therapy is an ordinary technique of indication mitigation following menstruation stops.

Ovarian accumulation and fruitfulness refuse piercingly following age of thirty-five years and even more abruptly throughout perimenopause. Reduction of main follicles, a procedure that starts earlier than birth, occur progressively awaiting menopause. In case of perimenopause, intermenstrual gaps shorten considerably characteristically by three days due to speedy follicular phase. Follicle-stimulating hormone levels known as FSH rise, due to altered folliculogenesis that is production of follicles and less inhibin emission. In difference to the time after time elevated FSH and short estradiol heights observe in menopause, perimenopause is typify with the help of "irregularly irregular" hormone heights.

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